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September 10th & 11th







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It is the FIRST AND ONLY extremity seminar that teaches you how to REALLY move bones and make money doing it. You can implement everything you will learn on MONDAY morning and get results!





Experiencing the relief and healing that chiropractic provides at the age of ten, Dr. Fenell determined from that moment in his life being a chiropractor was what he wanted to do. Then at the age of 19, he was involved in a near fatal car crash that required neurosurgery to repair his crushed skull.  The doctors told his parents that he would never be a chiropractor and he would be severely disabled and would never live a normal life.

His parents believed in the healing power of chiropractic and the healing power of prayer.  So they took him out of the hospital and put him under the care of his chiropractor.  Dr. Fenell made a full recovery and went on to Palmer Chiropractic College and became a chiropractor.

While in school he became intrigued with hand and foot conditions.  Through years of intense research, study and practice, Dr. Fenell became an expert at treating the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, foot, ankle and knee.

During his 14 years of practice, Dr. Fenell has treated thousands of patients with extremity pain.  He has a very high success rate treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without surgery.  He can restore arches to flat feet and help relieve the symptoms of many foot conditions. He currently teaches other chiropractors around the world how to successfully treat patients with extremity conditions.

Dr Fenell has been happily married to his beautiful wife Kiyla.  Together they have a healthy, bouncy 4 year old daughter, Milan.  They live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


This is a picture Milan drew of her happy family– Daddy, Mommy and of course herself!












This is my gorgeous soul mate, best-friend Kiyla.  She owns a successful consulting business.  We also work together to train doctors to run their practices profitably and successfully!




This is the light of our lives–Milan Sophia.  In the background you will see her best friend–Yertle the Turtle.





This is me adjusting my coach Ali Brown's extremities with celebrity co-host of TLC's show FREAKY EATERS, JJ Virgin watching.  I still have a coach!  Word to the wise–never hire a coach that does not have a coach–you NEVER stop learning!




Our favorite place on the planet– Destin, Florida.  We LOVE this place and hope to call it home someday.








Here are what my HAPPY colleagues AND patients have to say about my extremity technique…


"Doctors can start using your technique on Monday and add 50% to their practice in a year's time!"

“Dr. Fenell, your extremity adjusting skills are second to none…it’s amazing…especially for getting patients well. Your result producing techniques are great practice builders. I wish I had learned from you a long time ago. What you are teaching makes so much sense that going to your hand and foot seminars are a no-brainer!  They can start using the techniques on Monday and add 50% to their practice in a year’s time.”

Dr. David Kats-Tulsa, Oklahoma


"Generated a HUGE part of his revenues from treating hands and feet!"

“Working closely with Dr. Fenell I saw first-hand how well he niched marketed the extremity side of his practice. He was able to generate a huge part of his revenues from treating hands and feet. I never imagined that a chiropractor could niche market in such a way to receive consistent patient referrals from his fellow chiropractors in the same neighborhood. I know that DC referrals had to be one of the largest sources of new patients into his clinic. I strongly encourage any chiropractor that wants to learn to grow their practice with extremities to attend Dr. Fenell’s hand and foot seminars.”

Dr. Stephen Warren-Owasso, Oklahoma



"You will become a better doctor because of Dr. Fenell's training!"

“Over the past 8 years I have referred hand and foot patients to Dr. Fenell because of his unique skill to get extremity patients well.  Dr. Fenell’s practice niche allowed us to co-treat patients with chiropractic without EVER being in competition with one another.  I even invited him to host my radio show once a week to educate my audience about extremity care.  I highly recommend attending Dr. Fenell’s hand and foot workshop-you will be a better doctor because of it.”Dr. Tom Cate-Tulsa, Oklahoma


"Dr. Robert Fenell is the leading authority for extremity care!"

"Dr. Fenell is the expert for extremity adjusting.  I was having severe wrist pain and I took a couple of days off of my practice to fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma for treatment.  I am very grateful for his highly effective technique, and I was back to work treating my patients feeling 100%.  Take Dr. Fenell’s unique hand & foot workshops!  He is the leading authority for extremity care."Dr. Michael Brown-Sterling Heights, Michigan


"He will inspire, instruct and motivate you to be the best physician for your patients!"

"Dr. Fenell’s extremity technique has helped tremendously in making me a better chiropractor.  I strongly urge any doctor that is ready to take their practice to the next level to take Dr. Fenell’s hand and foot workshop.  He will inspire, instruct and motivate you to be the best physician for your patients.  I have referred many people to him for hand and foot care.  They were extremely satisfied!  Thanks Dr. Fenell!"

Dr. Tracy Russell-Bartlesville, Oklahoma




"I learned 100 times more in four hours with Dr. Fenell than I learned in 50+ classroom hours!"

I purchased Dr. Fenell’s practice before he retired in October 2007.  Before buying his clinic I had taken two extremity classes in chiropractic school in addition to 3 other extremity seminars.  I was aware that I would be taking over a large number of extremity patients that were used to a major extremity pro.  I met Dr. Fenell for about 4 hours and I learned 100 times more in those few hours than I did in over 50 plus class room hours!  I highly recommend any chiropractor that wants to grow the extremity side of their practice to learn from Dr. Fenell!

Dr. Darin Kats-Tulsa, Oklahoma



"Don't Pass Up A Chance To Work With One Of The Greats In Chiropractic!"

"Dr. Fenell is a genius at extremity adjusting. He worked miracles on me. Don't pass up a chance to work with one of the greats in chiropractic."

Dr. Charles Hough-Fountain Valley, California





"Dr. Fenell's extremity adjusting skills are in a class of its own!"

Dr. Robert Fenell has an extremity technique like I have never seen.  As a nutrition and fitness expert, I have worked professionally with hundreds of chiropractors.  His unique hand and foot method has helped my hands and wrists dramatically.  Dr. Fenell’s extremity adjusting skills are in a class of its own.

JJ Virgin-Cohost of TLC's show Freaky Eaters Celebrity Nutritionist and Expert



"After ONE adjustment I was amazed by how much better I felt!"

Dr. Robert Fenell’s unique treatment was so helpful to my hands and left knee.  I had been dealing with severe knee and thumb pain due to repetitive stress from my business.  After one adjustment I was amazed by how much better both areas felt.  I am a busy fashion consultant from Norway and I rely heavily on the optimum health of my hands and knees.  Thank you Dr. Fenell!

Anne Berit OlsviK-Aelesund, Norway CEO Total Image




"Thank you Dr. Bob for spreading your gifts to so many!"

"Dr. Fenell's adjustments of my hands and feet have made a phenomenal difference throughout my body!  I've been getting chiropractic all of my life and had no idea so much could be taken care of with an extremities adjustment.  Dr. Bob is a maestro at this specialty and I am impressed with his knowledge, ability to teach what he knows and his passion for hand and foot adjustments.  Thank you Dr. Bob for spreading your gifts to so many!

Kendall Summerhawk-Tuscon, AZ


"Dr. Fenell sure has me happy and convinced!"

Two weeks ago I had a huge ugly bump on my big toe. Dr. Bob said it was a ganglion cyst. He adjusted my foot and two weeks later, it's disappearing! It's no longer a bump, it's almost gone!  I'm thrilled not to have an unsightly bump to have to look at and that made my shoes uncomfortable. I would never have thought of going to a chiropractor for this, but Dr. Bob has me thinking there's more he can do for my health than I may have considered before. He sure has me happy and convinced!

Linda P. Jones-Palm Springs, CA









"After ONE treatment by numbness was reduced by more than 85%!"

Dr. Robert Fenell treated my hands for numbness in my pinky and ring fingers on both hands that would appear only when I was using the computer (typing).  I was able, due to geographic reasons, to have one treatment. Even with just that one treatment I found the numbness was reduced by more than 85% the next time I typed on the computer and one week later it has not increased. I feel that if I could have further treatments with Dr. Fenell, this problem would disappear!

Lynn Moore Vernon, BC Canada







"You give consumers relevant knowledge!"

Dr. Fenell, your hand and foot pain articles are very timely and informative.  You give consumers relevant knowledge about treatment and preventative measures.  I especially enjoy your shoe reviews and your latest, up-to-date information about the current trends and fashion in foot wear!  Thank you Dr. Fenell!

Christine Shin-Los Gatos, California






"I am STILL pain and symptom free!"

I was having a lot of pain in my right wrist from carpal tunnel. The pain had become so bad it would keep me up at nights. I had a visit with Dr.Fenell and he began treating my problem. Now it is 2010 and I am STILL pain and symptom free.  Thanks Dr. Fenell!

Maureen Moers-Keifer, Oklahoma






I worked for Dr. Fenell in his billing department.  I had worked for other chiropractors in the past and had NEVER seen the volume of extremity care being provided and billed as in Dr. Fenell’s office.  The service Dr. Fenell provided for his patients was unique and extremely effective.  Most of our referrals were from other chiropractors in our town.  Amazing!

Tiffany Barkley-Nashville, Tennessee Celebrity Make-up Artist



"He's the hottest ticket in town!"


“I have personally trusted and referred many of my most difficult extremity patients to Dr. Fenell. The focus you can put on getting patients well is the most surefire way to make thousands of additional dollars every month without working any harder. Learn to adjust extremities by the best! He’s the hottest ticket in town!”

Dr. Howard Boos











“…his outstanding expertise in working with hands and feet…”



I’ve known Bob Fenell for a year now, and can speak to his outstanding expertise in working with hands and feet not only as a recipient of his work, but also as a licensed neuromuscular therapist with 14 years of experience.  Bob’s understanding of and unique treatment for hands and feet is nothing short of remarkable.  Over and over again, I learn from his presentations even though I am very well versed in anatomy and movement of the hands and feet.  As a patient, I suffer from a completely destroyed right foot and have been told by 3 very esteemed orthopedic surgeons (including the top guy at the Mayo Clinic) that the only remaining treatment option is triple arthrodesis.  Yet Bob was able to provide treatment that actually gave me some time walking on my foot without limping and constant pain.  I cannot say enough how much I wish that someone with his knowledge, experience and caring attitude was available in my part of the United States to provide further treatment on my foot.  I recommend Bob and his work without reservation.

Sue Painter, M.Ed., LMT, CNT

Knoxville, TN




"My wife and her friends especially LOVE Dr. Fenell's articles about high heel shoes!"

“Dr. Robert Fenell provides tips and techniques about the function of the hands and feet that are so compelling and easy to understand!  My wife and her friends especially LOVE his articles about wearing high heel shoes!”

Mitch Tublin
Premier Business Strategist












“Love Dr. Fenell’s great style sensibility…”



"As a style coach I am always on the lookout not only for great clothing and shoes, but also useful information to pass along to my clients. Dr. Robert Fenell has written multiple articles regarding shoes from a chiropractor's point of view and they have been very insightful. Bob's knowledge and expertise in this field is amazing, but what I think gives him a real edge is that he has a great style sensibility – as well as a very chic wife – and can speak to modern trends in footwear that can have a lasting impact on a woman's body."

Michele Little
Your Signature Style Coach™
One Chic Mama, Inc.
Discover your Signature Style!


“Dr. Fenell is a true blessing to anyone who has feet!”

Dr. Robert Fenell is a true blessing to anyone who has feet — especially those of us who love to wear beautiful high-heeled shoes.

I've been to many doctors who simply say "don't wear them."  Dr. Fenell offers concrete, clear help to make it possible to wear high shoes without doing myself harm and without pain.  I am so blessed to have Dr. Fenell in my life.  I can now wear my high-heels again without fear and guilt.  He's a genius!

Katherine C. H. E.
International Association of Law of Attraction Professionals



“Learn from the BEST!”


Dr. Robert Fenell has an extremity niche marketing method like I’ve never seen, and I urge you to try it immediately in your own practice.  I trusted Dr. Fenell to treat my family, and I was always amazed how many other chiropractors in our area sent their patients to receive care from him. Learn from the best!  Dr. Fenell has a unique, FUN and exciting way to increase your practice with extremity adjusting.

Dr. Rick Huskey-Tulsa, Oklahoma


“Dr. Robert Fenell has become my go-to-doc when it comes to shoes and keeping my body healthy!"


"Dr. Robert Fenell has become my go-to Doc when it comes to shoes and keeping my body healthy! He is amazing at using his knowledge to encourage fashion while giving tips to keep my legs, feet and ankles balanced and in good shape. I love his shoe and style reviews because he doesn't say "No"! He just tells me how so I can still look and feel fabulous wearing whatever I want!"

Robin Nielsen, Certified Nutrition Consultant,






"What a huge difference! Thank you Dr. Bob!!"

"Before Dr. Bob worked on me, I literally couldn’t breathe from a rib that was out of place. I couldn’t write, use my Blackberry or even get to sleep at night because of unexplained pain in both my wrists and forearms. I was suffering in silence and missing an important meeting and valuable training that I’d paid to attend. When Dr. Bob checked me, he immediately knew exactly what to do and within 3 minutes, I was completely relieved! He adjusted me so quickly and effectively that I was breathing normally within 60 seconds. After looking at my hands, he promptly adjusted them as well and all I could do was breathe (thank goodness) a long sigh of relief. I literally walked away pain free and breathing normally. I was able to finally sleep peacefully.  I was so well rested– I could take full advantage of the rest of the meeting I was going to have to miss. What a huge difference! Thank you Dr. Bob!!"

Aprille Trupiano
International Business Coach for Women