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Success Stories

"Doctors can start using your technique on Monday and add 50% to their practice in a year's time!"

“Dr. Fenell, your extremity adjusting skills are second to none…it’s amazing…especially for getting patients well. Your result producing techniques are great practice builders. I wish I had learned from you a long time ago. What you are teaching makes so much sense that going to your hand and foot seminars are a no-brainer!  They can start using the techniques on Monday and add 50% to their practice in a year’s time.”

Dr. David Kats-Tulsa, Oklahoma

"He will inspire, instruct and motivate you to be the best physician for your patients!"

“Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics Of America™ has absolutely transformed my practice. Within less than one year from enrolling as a CHFA™ doctor my practice increased over 150%. I went from seeing an average of 20 patient visits to having well over 60 patient visits per day. I’ve received extremity referrals from other chiropractors as well as other health professionals. My abilities as a doctor have skyrocketed too. I am now treating dozens of hand and foot patients every day and many of those patients receive spinal care as well while they’re here. CHFA™ has been a real blessing! ”

Dr. Tracy Russell-Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Russell Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinic
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Dr. Robert Fenell is quickly becoming known as the leading authority on chiropractic hand and foot adjusting. Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America™ (CHFA™) was founded by Dr. Fenell as a learning platform for chiropractors who would like to become the top 1% of hand and foot adjusters in the world.

The chiropractic profession's primary focus for the past 100+ years has been on spinal adjusting. It has only been a few decades ago that extremity adjusting was introduced to the chiropracic field. However spinal adjusting still remains the primary focus of a large majority of practicing chiropractors.  Dr. Fenell's goal is to change the way chiropractors approach the art and science of extremity adjusting.  The CHFA™ program was designed to teach chiropractors how to become extraordinarily proficient at adjusting the hands, feet and other extremity joints. 

If you are a chiropractor or chiropractic student, and you would like to become a master at adjusting the hands and feet, then you may be a good fit for the exclusive CHFA™ fellowship program. The chiropractors in the CHFA™ fellowship program receive hundreds of hours of training on the most biomechanically sound capral and tarsal manipulative adjusting techniques. Becaue of the intense, focused training provided by CHFA™, our doctors really do rise to become the top 1% of extremity adjusters.  They are in fact the absolute best hand and foot adjusters in the world.  When you receive a wrist or foot adjustment from a CHFA™ trained and certified doctor, we are confident that you also will agree that it is the absolute best wrist or foot adjustment you've ever received. 

CHFA™ was established for chiropractors who would also like to duplicate the same extraordinary patient and business results that Dr. Fenell has experienced in his practice.  In addition to providing a fellowship training program for the DC to become a master at adjusting the hands and feet, CHFA™ also coaches all participating doctors how to develop and operate a successful chiropractic practice taht focuses on adjusting the extremities as much as it focuses on providing spinal care.

As a CHFA™ doctor, you will learn to become an extraordinary adjuster of not only the hands and feet, but all the other extremity regions such as the shoulder, elbow, knee, etc.  In addition to the most effective, results oriented and painless extremtiy adjusting techniques, as a CHFA™ doctor you will also learn appropriate case management procedures and protocols.


More About Dr. Robert Fenell:

Dr. Fenell founded the first and only chiropractic hand and foot clinic in the world at it's time in the 1990's. Over seventy-five percent of the new patietns he attracts to his practice is for an extremity condition. Dr. Fenell has become known by his fellow Tulsa chiropractors as the go-to-doc for hand and foot conditions. His hand and foot clinic attracts hundreds of referrals each year from other local chiropractors.

Dr. Fenell has authored a book titled, “52 Tips to Stellar Carpal Adjusting for Chiropractors”. Many of his writings have been featured and referenced in ergonomic and technology publications. He has also written reviews on women’s footwear which has been quoted by Style Makers International™ and other fashion design publications. He is currently in the process of designing an ergonomic line of women’s high-fashion footwear.

Dr. Fenell has been featured as the “hand and foot expert” on popular websites such as,, Ehow Health, and These sites receive over 100+ million viewers per month promoting not only Dr. Fenell’s expertise but also the healing power of chiropractic for the extremities.

His patients range from treating the 2004 Olympic decathlon team, celebrities, Inc. 500 companies as well as his local community and multi-state reach. With his proficient extremity techniques he has been labeled “the hand & foot guru” by many of his chiropractic colleagues.

Dr. Fenell recently founded Chiropractic Hand and Foot Clinics of America™ in order to help other chiropractors to become extraordinarily proficient at adjusting the hands, feet and other extremity areas, and to become known as the expert hand and foot practitioner in their community.

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