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Success Stories

"Doctors can start using your technique on Monday and add 50% to their practice in a year's time!"

“Dr. Fenell, your extremity adjusting skills are second to none…it’s amazing…especially for getting patients well. Your result producing techniques are great practice builders. I wish I had learned from you a long time ago. What you are teaching makes so much sense that going to your hand and foot seminars are a no-brainer!  They can start using the techniques on Monday and add 50% to their practice in a year’s time.”

Dr. David Kats-Tulsa, Oklahoma

"He will inspire, instruct and motivate you to be the best physician for your patients!"

“Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics Of America™ has absolutely transformed my practice. Within less than one year from enrolling as a CHFA™ doctor my practice increased over 150%. I went from seeing an average of 20 patient visits to having well over 60 patient visits per day. I’ve received extremity referrals from other chiropractors as well as other health professionals. My abilities as a doctor have skyrocketed too. I am now treating dozens of hand and foot patients every day and many of those patients receive spinal care as well while they’re here. CHFA™ has been a real blessing! ”

Dr. Tracy Russell-Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Russell Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinic
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Upper & Lower Extremity Adjusting DVD Set

Includes biomechanics and complete adjustment setup for:

​Upper Extremity: Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand
Lower Extremity: Foot, Ankle & Knee

Sold hundreds of copies in 12 countries and received rave reviews




Your Investment $749




Upper & Lower Extremity (and Spine) Full Body Chiropractic Report of Findings & Progress Report Patient Education Supplies

Patients expect first class service so always recommend their care in a first class manner.


Your Health Blueprint
Report of Findings


100 pack of high quality report of findings booklets. These booklets include spinal and extremity care education so your hand and foot patients will know you truly are an expert.

PRICE: $100.00

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Your Progress Toward Health 
Progress Report of Findings

100 pack of high quality progress report brochures. Designed to report to the patient their re-exam findings and overall progress and continued plan of care. Designed for the chiropractor who provides full body chiropractic care.

PRICE: $85.00

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Your Health Blueprint / Your Progress Toward Health Combo Package


100pk of each (200 brochures total). Package will save you shipping when ordering both the Your Health Blueprint and Your Progress Toward Health brochures.

PRICE: $175.00

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