As an avid stock investor I have spent literally hundreds if not thousands of hours over the past several years analyzing the performance of hundreds of companies across many different industries and market sectors.

In all my research I have observed a few consistent characteristics of those companies that are the most successful in their particular industry. In every case that a company was within the top 10% of their industry I found that there were four key elements that those companies possessed.

Likewise when you consider the top chiropractic clinics in any geographic region they too possess these four key elements to business success.

You can think of these four success points as four pillars holding up a roof. If any one of them is missing the other three pillars will not be able to withstand the weight of the roof and thus the roof will collapse. These four success points are also key to a business becoming ultra successful (in the top 10%).


Here are those four key pillars to ultra business success:

  1. Niche: You must “own” a specific segment of your industry. Every ultra successful business has tapped into a consumer want and/or need in the marketplace and they figured out how to own that niche. Your niche must be different, unique, simple and narrow.
  2. Expert: Once you’ve defined your niche you must be able to “deliver the goods” at a higher level of excellence than what is standard in the marketplace. If you want to really “own your niche” and maintain that positioning you’ve got to become known as the expert and you must become extraordinarily proficient at whatever your niche expertise involves.
  3. Marketability & Marketing: Your niche expertise must be something that the marketplace is already looking for. If you try to offer something that nobody wants, your niche may be different and unique and you may be the expert at that niche, but you won’t be able to sustain business if the marketplace isn’t already looking for what you’re offering.
  4. Systems: When you establish consistent systems it allows everything to work harmoniously in your business and it will improve your productivity and happiness. Working hard is important to achieve success, but working hard on the wrong things will put you out of business. Creating systems within your business will allow you to focus on what’s most important which will cause you to succeed at a much higher and less stressful level.


One of the most powerful niches within the chiropractic field is becoming laser focused on providing extraordinary hand, foot and other extremity care. Most chiropractors focus primarily on the spine.

Assuming the population of the town you live in is larger than a couple thousand people, you have an enormous opportunity as a practicing chiropractor. There are literally thousands of patients suffering with hand and foot problems and virtually none of them have even the slightest clue that a chiropractor could help them.

Ask yourself this question… would your rather practice in the 90-percentile of chiropractors in your community or would you like to practice in the top 10%? When you decide to become the exclusive Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics Of America™ doctor in your town we will help you move into that 10-percentile group.