Attract New Patients

The American chiropractic association estimates that approximately 10% of the population will use a chiropractor during their lifetime. Since 85% of people will suffer with back pain we could assume that around 11% of back pain sufferers will go to a chiropractor.

Think about how many chiropractors practice in your town and neighboring communities. Most chiropractors find it challenging to attract new patients into their practice. One reason for this is because all of the chiropractors in a given territory are vying for the same 11% of back pain sufferers.

Yes of course I realize that many chiropractors focus on wellness care and not symptom care – that’s a valid argument, however if we were completely honest about why most consumers in the marketplace make the decision to visit a chiropractor it is because they are suffering with back pain or other similar symptoms and not because they are looking for a wellness model.

Of course I believe that chiropractors need to educate their patients about the benefits of wellness care and most chiropractors could use to become much more focused on wellness care vs. symptom relief care, but that’s not my point here today.

I’m simply pointing out that as one of a dozen chiropractors or maybe one of a few hundred chiropractors in your town you are constantly in a mode of trying to get spine patients to choose you over another chiropractor. It’s NOT your fault that it’s this way – it’s just the typical chiropractic model.

An amazing thing happens however when you position yourself as a chiropractic hand and foot expert. It’s as if the marketplace stops for a moment and notices what you’re message is communicating. Because it’s completely different and unique compared to ANYTHING else, it creates a magnet effect and you will start to ATTRACT droves of new patients into your practice.

Think about it. If you were a typical consumer suffering with foot pain and you didn’t want to have surgery and orthotics already failed you – wouldn’t you look twice when you learned that there was a chiropractic hand and foot expert in your town? Of course you would – and so would many of the other hand and foot pain sufferers in your community.

The ACA states that 85% of Americans will suffer with back pain whereas the American Podiatric Medical Association estimates that 72% of Americans will suffer with foot pain.

About 10% of the foot pain population will also be in search for an alternative to surgery and the medical model of treating common foot problems.

As a chiropractic foot expert this opens up a rare opportunity for you!

While all of the chiropractors are vying for the 11% of back pain sufferers to choose them, as the exclusive CHFA™ doctor, and as you develop your local brand awareness, you will begin attracting those hand and foot pain sufferers who are searching for an alternative to surgery.



Become a Hand and Foot Expert