Become a Platform Princess

In a couple of my earlier articles I discussed how women who enjoy wearing fashionable high-heel shoes can improve their ability to sport those heels by doing a specific regular exercise routine. Today I am going to continue my discussion on how such a fashionista may further reduce her discomfort while maximizing heel height in her shoe selection. I will recommend a certain style of shoe to help reduce the amount of stress on the calf musculature while maximizing her sex appeal. My recommendation is hinged primarily on my observation that most women usually attempt the highest heel that they can wear comfortably. In addition to that I have also observed another common trait with many of these same women, which is they wish that they could comfortably slip into an even higher heel than what they can currently handle. I guess this characteristic is bred out of the plain and simple fact that we as humans always want what we cannot have or that we always wish to achieve the next highest level in so many areas of our lives.

Well the one fashion shoe style recommendation that I will leave you with today is to search for a platform stiletto that sparks your fancy. This is because by simply adding a half-inch or even an inch platform to the front of the shoe will yield an equal increase in heel height without causing any additional "functional" heel height. This will allow a woman who can typically only handle a two-inch heel in a regular (thin front) stiletto to be able to strut around in a three-inch heel (assuming a one-inchplatform). In actuality she will only be giving up the two inches that she can tolerate but will receive full credit for all three inches.

This simple geometric point will become observable to you if you place a platform pump along-side a standard pump and compare the slope of the arch. You will notice that the actual elevation and slope of the insole is very similar in both shoe types. If a thick platform is added under the front portion ofthe shoe sole, in order to keep the shoe balanced the heel must also be increased in length equally to the platform's thickness. This makes the heel much higher and longer in appearance, however functionally the heel is really lower than the actual appearance. This allows the wearer the added comfort they desire even as they model the higher stiletto.

On a side note, if you happen to be a taller woman don't allow your natural height to intimidate you from wearing those platforms. I've noticed that many taller ladies will shy away from anything that makes them appear taller than they already are. Let me tell you that there is no reason to have these feelings and insecurities. Learn to use your height to your advantage and show it off. Taller women can actually enhance their natural beauty and sex appeal by wearing those inch or better platforms with a four or five inch heel. Keep in mind that the heel is somewhat of an illusion because of the platform under the forefoot.

I would also like to comment on the platform wedges that have also been so popular over the past decade or longer. There are many appealing styles of platform wedges and women do love them. They may even be easier to walk in, especially for the novice fashionista. However one fashion tip to keep in mind is that you may forfeit a little bit of sex appeal by wearing the wedge vs. the platform stiletto. This is because the actual heel, especially a somewhat slender stiletto will provide the illusion of being a higher (more vertical) lift than a similar elevated and sloped wedge or chunky heel.

An appropriate analogy is the observable difference between someone wearing a shirt with vertical stripes vs. horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes will always give the illusion of a taller, more slender upper body whereas horizontal stripes will appear more stocky and wider on the wearer. The same illusion or comparison can be made between platform stilettos vs. platform wedges. Wedges have a more stocky appearance and stilettos have a more slender/taller appearance, even if the actual elevation and slope of both shoes are the similar.

The goal of most women is to look as sexy as possible turning as many heads and eyes their way, while simultaneously maintaining a suitable level of comfort for their precious feet. Amazingly some "fashion queens" don't have to worry much as their feet will cope with just about anything they decide to show off, however most of the women out there must find a sexy/soothing compromise. My recommendation to you is to continue doing the recommended exercises I gave a few weeks ago, and to also go shopping for a couple pairs of platform stilettos. You never know... becoming a "platform princess" may be the solution you've been looking for.

© Robert J. Fenell, D.C.

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