There are three primary motions that the doctor should learn and use when performing the chiropractic wrist adjustment. The first of these motions is the Forward Roll Thrust™.

To successfully perform a chiropractic wrist adjustment area you should learn to keep the wrist in one horizontal plane, without moving it downward during the thrust.

The Forward Roll Thrust™ is a relatively simple motion in which you will simply “roll” your hands forward in a circular type motion.

Imagine if you were holding a marble between your fingers and thumbs and you simply rolled your hands forward around that marble while keeping the it in the same exact position during the entire movement. That’s exactly what you will do when using the Forward Roll Thrust™

As you learn to use the Forward Roll Thrust™ when performing the chiropractic wrist adjustment, you will provide better quality care to your wrist patients. The adjustment will also be easier and more effortless for you and you will be able to feel the carpal bone move through a fuller range of motion. Most importantly the patient will not experience significant pain or discomfort during the thrust.