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Dr. Rebekah Nunn
Covenant Chiropractic Clinic, PC
7615 E 63rd Place #104
Tulsa, OK  74133



Have you been looking for a great Tulsa chiropractor?  Dr. Rebekah Nunn is a superior chiropractor practicing in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  If you're looking for a Tulsa chiropractor then look no further. What makes Dr. Nunn unique is her interest in providing what's known a Full Body Chiropractic Care.  Where many Tulsa chiropractors focus primarily on adjusting the spine, Dr. Rebekah Nunn also adjusts the hands, feet and other extremity joints.

Whether you're looking for a Tulsa chiropractor or a chiropractor in a suburb of Tulsa, you should be aware that many of Dr. Nunn's patients drive in from a distance to see her for chiropractic care.  Some of those patients that drive in are interested in finding a Tulsa chiropractor because they work locally in Tulsa, whereas other's aren't actually wanting a Tulsa chiropractor per se, but they see a value in driving in from a distant area to receive care from Dr. Rebekah Nunn.

So why should you make an appointment to see Dr. Rebekah Nunn?  Because she is one of the top Tulsa Chiropractors around.  She comes highly recommended by many of her colleagues, including several other Tulsa chiropractors.  Once you experience care from Dr. Nunn, you most likely will never have the need or desire to look for another Tulsa chiropractor.

Some of the common foot conditions that you can receive relief for from Tulsa chiropractor, Rebekah Nunn include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain, flat feet and bunion pain.  Dr. Nunn uses a gentle joint manipulation procedure to restore healthy function and alignment to the misaligned bones and joints in the feet.  This is a very unique thing as far as chiropractic is concerned.  You wouldn't normally think of seeing a chiropractor for foot problems.  However don't let that stop you from scheduling an appointment with Tulsa chiropractor, Rebekah Nunn.  She has received advanced training in the treatment and correction of many of the most common foot pain conditions that people often suffer from.

It doesn't stop with just the feet for Dr. Rebekah Nunn.  She also sees a lot of patients who suffer with various wrist and hand and other upper extremity conditions.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the more common wrist/hand conditions that she provides treatment for.  The cardinal symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include pain, numbness, tingling or burning symptoms into the fingers.  Dr. Nunn is one of only a few Tulsa chiropractors (or chiropractors in general) who take such a great interest in treating conditions involving the hands.

Dr. Rebekah Nunn has been endorsed by Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics Of America.  She is one of the few chiropractors in her state who have been selected to participate in this fellowship of doctors.  This affiliation places Dr. Nunn at the top of the list for chiropractors when it comes to providing exceptional care for many upper and lower extremity health conditions.

If you suffer with pain or other symptoms and you need a Tulsa chiropractor, you should definitely call Dr. Rebekah Nunn's office to schedule an appointment.  She can get you right in most days.  She runs a very efficient practice so your wait time will be minimal.

Dr. Rebekah Nunn's Tulsa chiropractic office is called Covenant Chiropractic.  It is located at 7615 E 63rd Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to visit with Dr. Rebekah Nunn about your condition, you may call her office at 918-307-0077.


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