Fashion Verses Feet – A Female Struggle!

Wow ladies…you are looking great strutting your brand new pair of Jimmy Choo stiletto heels, turning heads all night as you dance the night away, until… Ouch!  Oh no! The night is gone and so is the feeling in your toes.  You limp home, feet swollen and elevated as you complain about your aching feet and curse those darn $600 shoes.  Guys have it so much easier than women you think to yourself.  How are you ever going to be able to work all day tomorrow?

Has this ever happened to you?  If so… how can you prevent pain the next time you get to wear your gorgeous Gucci heels?  As a trend-setting fashionista can you have your cake and eat it too?  Well the good news is… you do not have to stop wearing those sexy high-heeled stilettos.  The bad news is after you learn how to take better care of your feet you will have another excuse to spend more of your hard earned money on more fancy footwear.

Let us take a look at why these dainty little shoes wreak so much havoc on your feet.  First of all your feet have a certain purpose or function and that purpose or function has some limits associated with it.  Secondly, if you have never properly prepared your feet to wear such a shoe for hours on end then it is understandable why you would suffer from such a painful dilemma.

Each foot has 26 bones in it and these bones are aligned into 4 arches.  The purpose or function of these 4 arches is to absorb shock and stabilize the feet when you stand or walk.  As your foot is resting inside your sweet stiletto these 4 arches are strained and altered in such a way that the shock absorbing function is nil to none.  Wouldn’t it be cool if there was something you could do to help your foot function better while you model your new shoes through the evening?  Well thank goodness there is something you can do…

The first thing that you can do to help your foot survive this stressful position is to perform a few easy foot exercises a few times each week.  This will build up a tremendous amount of foot joint and arch strength and it will increase the endurance of your foot dramatically.  The stronger the tiny muscles and joints in your feet, the longer they can sustain the stiletto stance you require of them.

The first exercise is a simple one, but can be a challenge for some.  All you have to do is stand bare footed on a flat surface on one foot.  Yes that is all.  Stand on one foot for 30 seconds and repeat with both feet.  As you do this easy balance exercise you will feel your ankle fluctuating somewhat rapidly back and forth.  This is because the little muscles that keep your feet and ankles strong must work intermittently during this exercise to keep your body balanced.

The second exercise is a little more involved.  Not really, but at least I’d like to make you think so.  This exercise is best performed while wearing socks or a pair of flats.  Standing with your feet about shoulder width apart you will raise your heels off of the floor so that you will be standing on the balls of your feet.  Now if you could imagine moving your heels in a circular fashion you will continue rising up onto the balls of your feet and then lowering your heels back down towards the floor.  If a partner watched you from the back they would see your heels moving outward, upward, inward, then downward in a circular fashion.  It is best if you can keep your heels from touching the floor as this will maintain a higher level of tension in the muscles you are exercising.  Do this circular motion ten times 3-5 times per week.  Now keep in mind that if the four arches in your foot are initially compromised or non-existent...I would simply advise you to visit a chiropractor that specializes in restoring arches using gentle chiropractic adjustments to the feet before doing the strengthening exercises.

Within a few weeks of doing these two exercises consistently you should start to notice your feet feeling much stronger.  You will also experience a significant increase in your ability to balance which will help many-fold as you stroll down the sidewalk in your lovely Louboutins.