Fellowship Doctors


  • February 16 & 17, 2024–Tulsa, OK–Hands-on Fellowship Intensive Hands-On Training
  • April 5 & 6, 2024–Tulsa, OK–Hands-on Fellowship Intensive Hands-On Training
  • August 2 & 3, 2024–Tulsa, OK–Hands-on Fellowship Intensive Hands-on Training
  • October 11 & 12, 2024–Tulsa, OK Hands-On Fellowship Intensive Hands-On Training
  • December 6 & 7, 2024–Tulsa OK–Hands-On Fellowship Intensive Hands-On Training

Welcome CHFA™ Fellowship doctors. The primary method by which you will receive your training on upper and lower extremity adjusting techniques will be through our live hands-on private, advanced training modules. In addition to the live training modules, you will also have access the CHFA™ Fellowship Online Training Academy. This is a library of videos designed to help you navigate the learning process on your journey to reaching mastery levels of proficiency in the art and skill of chiropractic extremity adjusting technique.

Your access to the Online Training Academy is available through the password protected login area.  All you have to do is click the LOGIN link and you’ll be directed to the Online Training Academy.

Once you’re logged in you’ll see various sections offering virtual, hands-on instruction pertaining to different aspects of extremity care and adjusting technique.  You’ll have access to recordings of past CHFA™ Fellowship online live interactive training webinars, each of a different specific topic.  Some of those webinar recordings are condition specific training modules, and others are geared specifically to a certain element of particular extremity regions and the adjustive process for those regions.

You’ll also have access to many different downloadable resources which you can use to help you on your journey to becoming known as the go-to-doctor for hands, feet, and other extremity regions. These tools are designed to assist you in your marketing and community branding efforts.


As a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor you will effectively lock out your territory as the EXCLUSIVE CHFA™ Hand & Foot Chiropractor in your community. This will provide you a powerful business niche. Because there is such a high demand for non-surgical alternatives for various hand and foot conditions, and other extremity conditions, as the Exclusive CHFA™ Fellowship doctor you will experience massive growth and practice enhancement as you become known through the marketing and branding efforts in your community.



As a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor you will receive certain marketing elements provided by us on your behalf. Each month we write a Full Body Chiropractic Newsletter and provide it to you for your patients. It’s a solid educational tool for you to begin and continue the process of educating your patients on the value and benefits of chiropractic care for treating a multitude of conditions and pain patterns which affect the hands, feet, and other extremity areas.


CHFA™ Patient Education Newsletters

You may already use a service to provide newsletters through email to your patients. Although that’s great, the benefit of using the CHFA™ patient education newsletter system compared to any other chiropractic newsletter, is that the CHFA™ newsletter will educate your patients specifically on the benefits of chiropractic care for the hands, feet, and other extremity regions. Each month, your patients will receive new and different information as it pertains to the extremity adjustment for various extremity health conditions.

The reason this patient education tool is so effective is because it teaches your patients brand new concepts and benefits of chiropractic care that they never would have considered previously. In other words, your patients already know you can help their back pain, headaches, and other spinal related health issues.  However, they are not aware that chiropractic can help their thumb arthritis, or their plantar fasciitis, or their shin splints. Your new patient flow will increase as a result of your consistent delivery of the CHFA™ Full Body Chiropractic Newsletter. Many of your patients know friends and family who suffer with various extremity related pain conditions. Without any education on extremity adjusting benefits, they wouldn’t likely refer those friends and family members to your office. Extremity conditions are often thought of as a medical or surgical condition. However, though the regular delivery of the CHFA™ educational newsletter, your patient will begin to learn the benefits of chiropractic care for extremity conditions, and as a result they’ll think of you as the go-to-doctor for treatment.

The CHFA™ Fellowship doctors find that these newsletters greatly enhance their practice by improving their patient education and communication. Another benefit these monthly newsletters provide is constant communication with patients who are currently active, and also those who have dropped from care. By emailing a monthly newsletter, your patients will feel connected to your practice even if they’ve previously discontinued care for whatever reason. This is called, creating Top of Mind Awareness, and it’s a very beneficial way to ensure your past patients remain connected to your practice, therefore returning for future care.

The best thing about these CHFA™ Full Body Newsletters is they are emailed to your patient by us on your behalf. You can consider our email system as being an extension of your office. We’ll have a specific email account setup just for your patients. Your newsletter will appear as though it has been emailed to your patients by your clinic. Your name will be in the FROM field, and they won’t event know that a third party has sent it on your behalf. 

CHFA™ Fellowship doctors receive two versions of the Full Body Chiropractic Newsletter. One will be an email version sent to your patients on your behalf. The other will be a printable version which you can print and customize to your practice by typing in your clinic name, address, and contact information at the top. These are great for handing out to your patients who come into your practice for active care. We recommend printing a small stack of them and keeping them available in the hot seat or front desk area of your clinic.


CHFA™ Directory 

As a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor, you will be listed on the CHFA™ Fellowship online directory. This will also provide great value to you. When prospective patients are in search of a qualified chiropractor to treat their hand, foot, or extremity related condition, they’ll be able to locate your practice on that directory. When they click the “Locate a Doctor” link, they’ll be directed to enter their specific location criteria, then will be directed to your directory on our website. 

Patients are searching for viable solutions for their hand pain, foot pain, and other extremity health concerns. Many or most of them would never consider going to a chiropractor for their hand, foot, or extremity related condition. For that reason, when you become a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor, and you begin to position yourself in your community as the go-do-doctor for hands, feet, and other extremity areas, you will begin attracting many of those prospective new patients to your practice for care.