Hand and Foot Clinics of America

Welcome, as a Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America doctor!  This program is one of the most powerful chiropractic programs available because you will truly become the expert in a unique niche.  As a participant in this exclusive program you will be the only hand and foot specialist in your immediate geographic location and your practice will grow as a result of your highly sought after specialty and our collaborative done-for-you marketing system.

This program has 3 main goals:

  1. To teach and train you how to diagnose and treat both upper and lower extremity conditions with special emphasis on the hands and feet. With this training, you will become extraordinarily proficient at adjusting the hands and feet.
  2. To teach and train you how to communicate effectively and efficiently with your patients, medical doctors, chripractors, and other health professionals about your unique hand and foot expertise in order to build awareness, respect and stimulate an ongoing stream of new patient referrals.
  3. To help brand yourself as the area-exclusive hand and foot EXPERT using our done-for-you marketing program. This done-for-you marketing program includes email marketing to your patients (from your clinic), an internal presence with your own personal Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America webpage, and a direct mail marekting campaign introducing your clinic to area professionals in order to develop long-term referral relationships. Our goal is to help new patients find your clinic.

We are positive you will find this program extremely beneficial to your practice because  you will continuously learn new things.  As a result, you will become a more proficient doctor and business person.  As one of the Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America doctors you will constantly be challenged to improve your technical and business skills and the rewards you reap will be abundant.