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    To locate a trained and certified CHFA™ Hand & Foot Chiropractor you can do so by clicking the link to find a doctor in your area.  If we currently have a trained and certified CHFA™ Hand & Foot Chiropractor near you we’ll let you know by displaying the search results.

    If you’re wondering what the difference is between a trained and certified CHFA™ Hand & Foot Chiropractor, and other (regular) chiropractors, that’s an easy question to answer. The degree and extent to which the CHFA™ Hand & Foot Chiropractors receive in extremity adjusting training, is on a whole different playing field compared to any other chiropractic training or extremity course work, such as what is provided in chiropractic colleges or other chiropractic programs. 

    Where most chiropractors focus primarily on diagnosing and treating spinal conditions, CHFA™ Hand & Foot Chiropractors are equally trained in the diagnosis and treatment of extremity related conditions, with a strong emphasis on hand and foot health.

    One additional major criteria that sets apart the trained and certified CHFA™ Hand & Foot Chiropractor compared to all other doctors in the field of chiropractic is their ability to provide an effective extremity adjustment to correct your hand or foot related disorder. The extremity adjustments provided by our CHFA™ Hand & Foot doctors are in a class of their own. The extremity adjustments are much more precise, and more gentle in comparison to what you would normally experience from a regular chiropractor. We train our doctors how to apply extremity adjusting techniques on patient’s hands, feet, and other extremity regions of the body.

    We strive to select the best chiropractor in any given region of the United States and welcome them into the CHFA™ Fellowship training program. The fellowship entails a four-year training and mentorship program consisting of 20 separate training modules, during which our doctors receive the most advanced extremity adjusting teaching and expertise available in the chiropractic industry. These training modules provide the CHFA™ Fellowship doctors a thorough hands-on extremity adjusting learning experience. This ensures that each CHFA™ Fellowship doctor is prepared and well equipped to help patients with any type of extremity heath problem using a precise, non-surgical method to restore optimal health and function to the hand, foot, or other extremity joint region of the body.

    The training we provide our CHFA™ Fellowship doctors is complete and very intensive. Our doctors are expected to practice the extremity adjusting techniques through a process of repetitive practical application. Our goal for each of our doctors is for them to become extraordinarily proficient at the hands-on techniques we teach.

    What if there aren’t yet any CHFA™ Hand & Foot Chiropractors in your area? 

    If you’ve checked our online directory and weren’t able to locate a CHFA™ doctor near you, that may mean that we haven’t yet identified a chiropractor at this point in your area.  You can help us locate a doctor in one of a few different ways.  First of all, if you currently use the services of a local chiropractor, you can share this website with your doctor. Secondly, if you’d prefer, you can nominate your doctor for the CHFA™ Fellowship by completing our NOMINATE A DOCTOR online form.

    Once you nominate your chiropractor by submitting our online form, we will contact that doctor to let them know they were nominated for the CHFA™ Fellowship. We will interview them to determine if they feel like our extremity adjusting training program would be a good fit for their practice at that time, and likewise we would determine if they would be a good fit for the CHFA™ Fellowship based on their practice style and goals. 

    We have new CHFA™ Fellowship doctors enrolling into our training program throughout the year, so it’s something that has a high level of interest among the chiropractors who want to maximize their clinical results as it pertains to caring for extremity patients using the extremity adjustment as their primary treatment methodology. 

    Because we offer territory exclusivity, there is a certain level of urgency as many areas around the nation are currently closed. Therefore, we appreciate you nominating your chiropractor today for the CHFA™ Fellowship.

    DCs Wishing to Participate 

    For chiropractors who would like to find out more about becoming a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor, you can reach out to us by completing our online form. We have open enrollment at various intervals throughout the year, so it’s best to get onto our radar as soon as possible. Because the CHFA™ Fellowship offers exclusive territories, that means only doctors in open areas are eligible for enrollment. When you inquire for more information, we will determine your territory availability based on your clinic address.

    Doctors often ask how we determine our exclusive territories. Our formula for determining areas is based on several parameters. One factor we look at is the population density of your local area or community. In larger metropolitan areas we will offer a greater number of exclusive territories. In rural locations we may only have one CHFA™ Fellowship doctor for a 30-minute drive. Another factor we consider when deciding on exclusive territories is the traffic patterns during morning and afternoon rush hour, and how convenient it would be for a prospective patient to get to a certain location. Again, larger metro areas would have heavier traffic patterns, and thus a greater number of potential exclusive territories. 


    Locations and Practice Name

    Some doctors ask about how they should represent themselves, or their practice in their community. Should they keep and maintain the same practice name they’ve always used, or would it be better to rebrand by changing their practice name. That question is often difficult for some doctors to decide on initially. We work closely with each chiropractor who enrolls into the CHFA™ Fellowship on the best and most effective option in order to help them achieve their goals from a marketing and branding perspective. With some doctors’ clinics we recommend a name change and complete rebranding, whereas with other doctors we may recommend keeping the original branding and clinic name. If you have questions about local branding in your community, please bring that to our attention once you become a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor, and we will help you make the best choice for your practice location.