Repetitive Strain Injuries-Flat Feet Could Lead To 5 Painful Conditions

Flat Feet Could Lead To 5 Painful Conditions

Do you have flat feet?  Has this been a concern to you?  You may wonder what problems lay ahead for people that have no arches.   Today I will expand your foot knowledge and educate you about the issues your flat feet may cause you.

During my years in practice,  I have consistently observed the strong correlation between flat feet and most painful foot conditions.  I found that flat feet are a precursor to a myriad of unhealthy syndromes affecting millions of feet.  By getting your flat foot corrected…you can also heal the foot of its painful condition simultaneously.

First, you must understand the foot anatomy if you are to understand how it can be treated.

The foot has 26 bones…yes that’s a lot of bones…your feet contain over a fourth of the bones in your body…52 of them!  These bones are held together by ligaments and arranged into 4 different arches.  Most people think there’s only one arch in the foot…there are actually four.  These arches serve a huge purpose.  They act like little springs when you walk, run, jump or do just about anything.  Just like the springs in your car…they absorb the shock from pot holes and uneven roads; your feet absorb most of the shock when you move around so that the rest of your body only has to absorb a small amount.

Without arches our bodies would be in a heap of pain all the time.  It’s estimated that healthy feet will absorb about 85-90% of the shock from each step during the walking (gait) cycle.

Flat feet occur when the 26 bones of the foot become misaligned.  This happens from all the stress, injuries, twists and twinges that our feet sustain through life.  In fact…flat feet are very common because most people experience high levels of stress to their feet on a daily basis.

Here are the 5 conditions that can develop over time from flat feet:

  1. Plantar fascitis-pain on the bottom of your heel into the arch
  2. Knee pain-causes rotation of the lower leg bone causing torsion stress to the knee
  3. Low back pain-80% of low back pain is due to misalignments in the feet
  4. Heel spurs-boney calcification of the bottom or back of the heel
  5. Metatarsalgia-pain on the ball of the foot

You may be wondering if there is anything that can be done to restore the natural arches of the foot.

Most of the patients that came to me with flat feet had already tried orthotics, arch supports and exercises.  Although these methods may provide temporary relief, they do not treat the underlying problem.  In my practice I used a specific, gentle chiropractic manipulation of the foot bones and joints.  I was able to successfully realign the small misalignments in a patient’s foot.  Through a short series of adjustments we were able to help the majority of foot patients.  Find a chiropractor in your area that has had extensive training in the extremities and be sure to ask if he/she can restore arches through gentle chiropractic manipulation.  You will be saving yourself a lot of future problems.