Slide Into Wide… A Shoe that Fits You

Dr. Robert Fenell With Dominique Barteet Onesole Creator & Founder

I find it astonishing that so many women continuously stuff their precious little toes into shoes that are absurdly small.  If you are a toe stuffer you may think that you are far and few between but let me tell you that the medical literature begs to differ.  According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons nine out of ten women wear shoes that are too small for their feet, and eight of those ten women complain that their shoes are painful on their feet.  So why then, you may ask, do women not learn to slide into wider shoes instead of those shoes that fit like OJ Simpson’s gloves?

The answer to that question is a two pronged one.

First of all there is a deficiency of fashionable shoes which are suitable for women with wider feet.  There are some pseudo- fashionable heels on the market but not a huge selection.

The second half of the answer is one in which we must peer into the feminine psyche in order to understand.  Most men would never imagine the difficulty that women with wider feet have in finding correctly fitting shoes that are sexy enough to turn their male counterparts on.  Let’s face it, fashion shoes, such as stiletto pumps or platforms are designed in such a way to make the wearer feel like she is sexy.  If this were not the case then all shoe manufacturers would just make lower, wider, less constricting shoes that were soft and cushy as well as frumpy and ugly.  However what fashionista in her right mind would stand for such a thing?  The answer is none!  So as a result there is naturally a deficiency of wider, more fitting, sexy shoes for women to choose from.

Okay now let’s take that brief look in to the mind of the woman.  Although her feet are a little bit wider than many of her friends’ feet and of course wider than most of the celebrities’ that she admires, she still wants to make her best effort to look and feel as beautiful and desirable as possible.  So what’s the solution when it comes to her footwear?  Of course it is to find the most comfortable pair of standard width or narrow fashion shoes and squeeze into them.  What a woman thinks she must put herself through today to look hot!

I realize that I was stereotyping women just slightly, but I am sure that if you are a female reader you understand my message.  It is sad to see so many women suffer with unbearable foot pain and dysfunction all because their footwear choices have been an improper fit for their feet.  I would encourage any woman who is struggling between their fashion statement or health, to always err on the side of health.  Even though it may take some hardcore shopping to find a pair of properly fitting shoes that fall within your fashion standards it will be well worth the hunt.  A woman who chooses for health today is a woman who has happy feet tomorrow.

©2010 Dr. Robert Fenell