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How to Treat Arm Pain From a Pinched Nerve

Watch my video about arm pain. How to Treat Arm Pain From a Pinched Nerve -- powered by eHow.com


How To Test The Sciatic Nerve

Watch my video if you are experiencing pain radiating down the back of your leg.  How to Test the Sciatic Nerve -- powered by eHow.com


Heels to Flip-Flops…Be Aware of the Risks

Several weeks ago I wrote what became a rather popular article explaining to women how they can do a leg/foot exercise routine giving them increased strength and flexibility to wear their fancy high-heel shoes more comfortably.  Ironically I came across a recent article published in the English Daily that discussed the long-term damaging effect of…


Repetitive Strain Injuries-Shoe Loves Me, Shoe Loves Me Not!

Shoe Loves Me, Shoe Loves Me Not! Not too long ago I wrote an article that instructed women how they can do certain exercises that will allow them to wear high heel shoes and suffer less while wearing them.  Well there was so much interest in that article that I decided to write a little…


Repetitive Strain Injury

Bottom Heel Pain – What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Over the past 14 years I have treated literally thousands of patients with foot pain, many of which complained of crippling heel pain.  A good number of these patients had been dealing with chronic foot pain for several years and many of them for decades.  The…


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-3 Secrets You Can Start Using Now To Help Ease Your Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome is such a painful and debilitating hand condition.  Sadly, it affects millions of people. Do you have pain, tingling, numbness and burning sensations in your thumb and first three fingers?  Do you ever lose your ability to grip; pick things up, move objects and control motions that require fine detail.   Carpal…


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