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How to Strengthen a Damaged Tendon

Do you have tendinitis?  Here are steps you can take to repair and strengthen a damaged tendon.


Heels to Flip-Flops…Be Aware of the Risks

Several weeks ago I wrote what became a rather popular article explaining to women how they can do a leg/foot exercise routine giving them increased strength and flexibility to wear their fancy high-heel shoes more comfortably.  Ironically I came across a recent article published in the English Daily that discussed the long-term damaging effect of…


Repetitive Strain Injuries-Tendinitis

I remember back in my early twenties while I was attending college I took up golfing.  I decided to get serious and I purchased a few lessons with a PGA pro.  He got me up to speed very quickly.  I was so excited with my newly developed swing that I decided to test my new…