About Us

Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America™ has created a culture around DCs who desire to become extraordinarily proficient at the art and skill of extremity adjusting technique.  If you are a chiropractic physician and you would like to take your technical skills and abilities to a whole new level of proficiency, then Dr. Robert Fenell’s CHFA™ Fellowship is right for you.

When doctors ask “what’s the difference between the extremity adjusting technique training I’ll learn from Dr. Fenell through the CHFA™ Fellowship compared to other extremity adjusting technique seminars”, there is a multi-fold answer.  The extremity adjusting techniques you’ll learn are highly effective for getting patients well.  Most extremity adjustments you perform will produce significant cavitation during the release (although this is not used as an indicator for an effective extremity adjustment technique, but it’s something that will happen and is quite satisfying for the doctors).  The extremity adjustments will be extraordinarily comfortable, and even pleasant to your patients (which is atypical for many of the other extremity adjusting techniques taught and used in the industry).  You will learn to integrate the chiropractic extremity adjustment into your everyday practice by offering Full Body Chiropractic Care to your patients.

The CHFA™ Fellowship has raised the standard of extremity adjusting technique and training. Our chiropractic extremity adjusting seminars for our members are the most thorough and advanced extremity adjusting seminars in the chiropractic industry guaranteed. Every doctor who attends our CHFA™ Fellowship extremity adjusting training seminars states the same thing, “there’s nothing else even close to this technique as far as specificity”, “we’ve never learned to adjust the extremity joints with this level of precision at any other extremity seminar”, “it’s exciting to finally be able to adjust and know what I’m doing when it comes to extremity adjusting techniques”.  Your participation with the CHFA™ Fellowship will cause your proficiency to soar when it comes to extremity adjusting technique, case management, and becoming a better, more thorough doctor of chiropractic.

The CHFA™ Fellowship is designed to put the motivated chiropractor on the fast track to MASTERY of the art and skill of chiropractic extremity adjusting technique. However, it doesn’t just stop with extremity adjusting technique training. You will also learn how to diagnose and treat all extremity conditions that present to your office. You will become a much more thorough, and more effective doctor when it comes to providing the best extremity care possible. Your certainty in providing the correct extremity adjustments to help your patients with their specific extremity conditions will become enhanced through your participation in our private, advanced, extremity adjusting technique modules.

Part of your training will take place through academic learning at private, advanced extremity adjusting seminars. You will also learn through Real-Time Case Management Support, offered by Dr. Fenell himself through the CHFA™ Fellowship. With Real-Time Case Management Support, you are able to discuss treatment regarding specific patients you’re caring for in your practice, asking questions, sharing x-ray images, MRI reports, etc, etc. Dr. Robert Fenell will assist you in Real-Time on how to deliver the best care to your patients with specific extremity concerns. This becomes a positive learning experience for the CHFA™ Fellowship doctor.

When you become a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor, you will be invited to participate in 20 different extremity adjusting modules. These modules occur over a four-year period of time.  The extremity adjusting technique modules occur on a continuum of learning and do not need to be taken in any specific order. You will learn how to adjust the upper and lower extremity joints and articulations in a kinesthetic learning environment with other chiropractors who are on the same journey as you. Each of our participating doctors are in it to win. They are there to help each other become the best in the industry when it comes to providing the extremity adjustment to patients. Just like you went to chiropractic college for four years to learn the art and skill of spinal adjusting, you will be participating in a life changing, practice transforming experience as a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor.

In addition to all the training, expertise, and clinical oversight you’ll receive through your participation with the CHFA™ Fellowship, you will also learn how to set yourself apart from all the other chiropractors in your community. This will provide you a unique niche, and will give the people of your community a definite reason why they should choose you versus going to another chiropractor. Chiropractors are not in competition with each other, but let’s face it, most chiropractors are wanting to build their own practice, which means they desire to attract more of the right patients into their practice.

So, if you’re like most chiropractors, you have the desire to serve a greater number of patients from your community. One of the most effective ways to attract new patients is to offer a service that’s in high demand, and one which most other doctors are not offering. The extremity adjustment is just that. When you become known in your community as the chiropractor of choice for extremity adjusting technique, you will begin attracting new patients from a whole new pool of prospective new patients. This will provide your community a highly unique and needed health option, and it will provide you a powerful practice niche. As a result of your participation as a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor, you will begin attracting more new patients and your practice will grow, your revenues will soar, and your excitement as a practicing chiropractor will be at an all-time high. 

One of the most exciting things about becoming a CHFA™ Fellowship doctor is the exclusivity you create for your own practice. We are committed to helping you to become the best chiropractic extremity doctor in your community as the exclusive CHFA™ Fellowship member in your territory. Again, we realize that chiropractors are not in competition with each other per se, however there is an element of protecting your business trade secrets that we will work with you collaboratively to develop and maintain. Because most chiropractors do not adjust the extremity regions of the body in any great detail or specificity, this allows us to help you become known as the go-to-doc for extremity care.  Not only will you be attracting more new patients for extremity conditions, we also have a unique tested and proven strategy to help you grow the spinal side of practice along with the extremity side. Therefore, you will experience an increase in both new extremity and new spine patients.

Because of our exclusivity agreement with you as the CHFA™ Fellowship doctor in your territory, you will develop and nurture a unique practice niche based on extremity adjusting technique and high standard of care, which will evaporate any and all competition by other local providers.