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Extremity Adjusting DVD Set for Chiropractors

This extremity adjusting video training DVD set covers upper and lower extremity chiropractic adjusting technique. Dr. Fenell, developer of F.E.A.T. Fenell Extremity Adjusting Technique goes into extensive detail on this extremity adjusting training.

Although you won’t receive the same kinesthetic experience as from attending a live extremity adjusting seminar or training event, you will learn oodles of specific hands-on technical aspects for enhancing your art and skill of extremity adjusting technique when you watch these instructional videos. Voted by numerous doctors of chiropractic as the best chiropractic extremity adjusting technique in the world, you will be fascinated by the manual adjusting techniques you learn while watching these DVDs.

DVD 1 covers the upper extremity region, teaching a detailed analysis of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. The upper extremity adjusting techniques you learn will allow you to help many of the common extremity concerns your patients suffer with. From carpal tunnel syndrome, to De Quervain’s stenosing tenosynovitis, to lateral and medial epicondylitis, to shoulder impingement syndromes, you will help your patients in a new and unique capacity as you learn these precise extremity adjusting techniques and begin applying them to your patients.
The scapulothoracic articulation adjustment will help not only your shoulder patients, but also your spine patients. Your cervical and thoracic patients will commonly have a protracted scapular misalignment which complicates their spinal dysfunction. These scapular protraction misalignments often go undetected by chiropractors. As you begin to evaluate your patients’ scapulae, you will start to notice asymmetries in their scapular region. When you apply the scapular adjustment to correct this alignment problem, your patients will report a significant improvement in their upper body posture. As a result, you’ll begin to notice their cervical and thoracic spines hold their adjustments more effectively. The scapular adjustment alone will be transformational to your practice.

DVD 2 covers the lower extremity region, teaching a detailed analysis of the foot, ankle, and knee. The lower extremity adjusting techniques you learn on this video training will allow you to serve your patients in a new and unique capacity, helping their plantar fasciitis, heel spur conditions, arch dysfunction, and more. One of the most exciting factors you’ll begin to notice on your patients is how much better their lower back dysfunction patterns will begin to improve through the foot and ankle adjusting techniques you provide them.
One of the most critical lower extremity adjustments you’ll provide for your patients is the talus. The talus adjustment is very effective in alleviating patellofemoral pain and other knee dysfunction patterns. Shin splints will become a thing of the past for many of your patients who run marathons or engage on other sporting activities but have the complaint of leg pain with activity. Learn to adjust the talus using the specific setup and adjustment shown in great detail on this video training, and you’ll begin to see positive results with your lower extremity patients.

This DVD training will teach in detail how to adjust:
• Shoulder
• Elbow
• Wrist/hand
• Foot/ankle
• Knee

Upper & Lower Extremity Adjusting DVD Set: Your Investment $749 Buy Now

Your Health Blueprint – Report of Findings Folders

Learn to provide all new patients a thorough report of findings. We recommend using the Your Health Blueprint folders as a valuable tool to help you deliver an appropriate report of findings. Many doctors shy away from doing a report of findings due to the uncertainty of what to say, or possibly the disbelief in the importance of a thorough report of findings. Other doctors may perform a report of findings on their new patients, but without using any particular format.

When you learn to use the Your Health Blueprint, your report of findings process will be clear and concise. You will be more focused on delivering the appropriate information to your patients versus rambling on about unnecessary details that don’t necessarily help them to understand the need for care. A report of findings that is too lengthy and wordy will often detract from the patient’s understanding of their condition and need for chiropractic care.

The Your Health Blueprint is a Full Body Chiropractic educational tool. Unlike other chiropractic pamphlets or tools made available to chiropractors that are solely spinal based, these Your Health Blueprint folders are designed to be used as an educational tool for extremity related health conditions. However, they are also designed for educating patients on spinal care too. This effective communication tool is effective with any type of new patient report of finding, whether it’s a spinal concern, extremity concern, or both.
These full color folders are 8.5”x11” in size when closed, and 11”x17” when opened. They’re printed on glossy card stock and have a very professional, first-class appearance. On the outside, back page there is an area where you can write the recommended care plan including both frequency and duration of care. We recommend using a black sharpie marker to indicate your recommended care plan. Your Health Blueprint is designed in such a way that it will make your report of finding process be more effective, and much more efficient. You’ll stay on track with each new patient as you deliver a professional report of findings.

Your Health Blueprint (100 pack): $100 Buy Now

Your Progress Toward Health – Progress Report of Findings

A progress report of findings can be just as important as the report of findings. Again, many doctors fail to perform a progress report of findings on their patients during the mid-phase of care. Patients need to know how they’re doing as far as their progress is concerned. They may be feeling much better, but unless they receive a clear understanding from their doctor on what their progress looks like, they will often forget the importance of care and eventually drop off.

The progress report is designed to be a quick, efficient educational process during which the doctor explains to the patient their overall percentage of improvement. The doctor will provide details on how they are responding objectively and also what type of continued care is necessary to stay on track with their progress.
Patients who receive an appropriate progress report of findings mid-way through their care plan are 70% more likely to continue with the remaining care plan, until their final release visit. Your Progress Toward Health brochures are printed on glossy card stock. They are front and back and 8.5”x11” in size.

Your Progress Toward Health (100 pack): $85 Buy Now


Combo Pack (1 pack Your Health Blueprint, and 1 pack Your Progress Toward Health)

The combo pack will provide you the best deal. You’ll receive discounted pricing and shipping compared to ordering the Your Health Blueprint and Your Progress Toward Health separately.
When you order the combo pack, you will be positioning yourself to provide the ultimate patient education and reporting of findings system for your patients. This will result in better doctor patient communication, better patient education, and better patient compliance to the doctor’s recommended care plan.
Statistics show that clinics increase 30% on average within 60 days when they begin implementing the written and verbal report of findings and progress report using these two tools. Order today and experience the vast difference in your practice.

Combo Pack (Your Health Blueprint 100pk and Your Progress Toward Health 100pk): $175 Buy Now